CityNewsNet Podcast | Expose: ITSOTG Ep 4

citynewsnet_expose_icon4lThirty years ago the Psion picture across North America was very clear.  A very small percentage of the population reportedly possessed psionic abilities.  Federal, state, and local authorities, in conjunction with organizations such as Knight Incorporated and The Paladin Brigade, possessed more than ample technology and numbers to deal with any potential threat to the safety of the citizens of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.~Jonah Fox, CityNewsNet

Five years later everything would change with the introduction of one Corivs Corax.

One year later everything would change yet again with the capture, incarceration, and escape of the reputed terrorist and murder Corvus Corax.

Through the study of Corvus Syndrome and its effects on the human genome at the Corax Institute Dr. Abeling has succeeded in determining how Corvus Corax escaped Dingo River all those years ago.

“They never had him in the first place.  Not really.”

While publicly the good doctor had resisted any further involvement in the hunt for Corvus Corax himself his private quarters deep behind the institute’s security defenses tell a different story.   An entire laboratory had been sealed off and cleared out of anything not Corax related.  At its center, an old wooden desk, which Dr. Abeling was unable to sit behind as the desk chair had been pulled out and was also covered in reports an findings.

“Corvus Corax isn’t a human being at all, he never was.  Oh he was born on this Earth like you and I all right but he’s different in nearly every other way: cardiovascularly; digestively; lymphatically, all of his major systems have been either replaced or heavily augmented by Psi.”

Dr Abeling and I continue to discuss the past and the good doctor is able to present me with quite a complete and thorough presentation of his findings.  The details of which have recently become classified.  While the timing of such a finding did not go unnoticed by this network we’ve removed the report visuals from our broadcast in order to adhere to our federal compliance standard.

“Corvus is made of pure Psi energy, he always was.  I believe that it wasn’t until he finally realized he’d become cornered at the Corax Compound and his connection to his followers – the Citizens of Corax – had begun to diminish that Corvus truly understood what he was capable of.”

Dr Abeling and his team feel that simultaneously to the Brigade’s Paladins drop landing into the Corax Compound Corvus himself was already well underway in establishing a process in which he’d be able to escape his cell, his iron shackles, and even his very body all at once.

Through the demonstration of psionic transmissions verifiably made from the compound during the apprehension of Corvus Corax Dr. Abeling and his team have been able to trace Corvus’s actual path of escape from Dingo River by tracking the very psionic bits and bytes he transformed himself into in order to make the transmission.

“When backed into a corner Corvus Corax didn’t bow down and surrender to the Paladin Brigade.  He reached out to his followers using his psionic abilities and took hold of their minds. Those still within reach who he still shared some kind of established link with.  His true believers.  Once connected to as many of the Citizens of Corax as he could find in the time he had remaining before the Brigade had him in custody Corvus divided himself amongst the minds of his followers and simply waited there divided into pieces.”

It was a good plan.  Directly after the apprehension of Corvus the public celebrated for less than a week.  After that the Hale Protocol, or at rather the public version of the protocol, had been released to the media and a new wave of backlash sprouted at the loss of freedom, personal expression, and unimpeded natural development.   Were they regular humans?  Could they have become something different without the influence of Corvus Corax?  What could they have become with his influence?  There are simply no answers to those questions.

“Then the riots came.”

Dr. Abeling hangs his head in shame as if he were personally responsible for everything that happened following Corvus’s brief incarceration.  It’s a feeling that has haunted Dr. Abeling every day since regardless of who has come to his institution to forgive him.

The good doctor is correct.  There were riots.  Incredibly destructive psionic riots like few residents of the continent had ever seen before or since.  They raged on for over six weeks and were peppering the middle to north west regions of the United States leaving law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and even the Paladin Brigade taxed beyond their wildest forecasts.  More rioting was reported in the southern portion of Canada and sporadically all across developed Mexico for an additional three weeks.

The fact of the matter is, it would have been very easy for a Psion with Corvus’s abilities to simply get lost in all of that madness and await for the coast to become clear before either exiting the brains he’d been inhabiting or recombining into one psionic super being.  When combined with this new, and newly classified, evidence that Corvus was a being of pure psionic energy this story has the makings of a first class scientific conspiratorial discovery that looks to be rapidly transforming into many of the community’s working theories of today and beyond.

“How else can you explain the over six million cases of Corvus Syndrome we are actively treating?  With more cases discovered every single day!”

That’s not all. The level of trackable psionic energy on the planet has nearly quadrupled since Corvus’s apprehension.  The number of average citizens who are reporting spikes in psionic energy to the institute has nearly doubled in that same time and both Interpol and the Brigades command structure have both expressed their thoughts on this issue in countless interviews across multiple media outlets.

In short?  There are many who feel that the reported numbers are woefully inaccurate and the number of citizens who now find themselves with the ability to develop psionic powers and control them are likely more than double the reported number.  Possibly up to an additional forty five percent.

“During his eighteen days of incarceration Corvus’s body was slowly being converted into pure psionic energy.  After the first week he refused to eat and it was simply documented as a peculiarity to those of us who were monitoring and investigating him.”

Dr Abeling and his team continued to work diligently to discover everything that they could from Corvus Corax.  A thorough examination of the institute’s records show that regardless of how difficult that became the employees of the institute almost unanimously decided Corvus was simply being stuborn.  Corvus himself never lets on to what he’s doing.  Not once.

“After the second week he refused to speak.  At the sixteenth day it appeared as though he’d become catatonic.  Corvus was given a full physical and the decision was to leave him in his cell.”

Dr Abeling has always and continues to remains steadfast regarding his consideration of the safety and wellbeing of the staff and crew of Dingo River and the surrounding communities.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, it made little difference in the long run.

“He simply vanished into thin air right before our eyes, this is undisputed.  The vast amounts of data collected that day do not lie.”

Dr Abeling raises his arms out to his sides and spins surveying the room full of equipment used in the care and imprisonment of psions.  This same equipment, twenty five years ago, were working in conjunction around the clock recording the entire event.  It simply took a couple of decades to truly decipher what all of the data collected meant.

I asked Dr Abeling about all of the personal accounts of Corvus during his escape.  What about the fabled fifty one seconds?  What of the traumatized, injured, and even deceased staff of Dingo River?

“Corvus no longer needed a physical body.  He was no longer confined to being in only one location at any given minute, second, or even nano second.  While the video cameras only recorded fifty one seconds of footage Corvus had a lifetime of eternities to find his way out of Dingo River and that’s exactly what he did.  Frankly I’m surprised it took him eighteen days to escape.”

During those eighteen days a new natural resource, comprised entirely of psionic energy, was created and continues to float above North America in currents that ebb and flow much like the ocean.  While the federal governments of the of the continent have never officially acknowledged it’s existence the psionic energy has come to be known as the psi field and it’s changed everything.

Is Corvus Corax living somehow inside the psi field?  Are the psi field and Corvus Corax the same thing?

“That’s the one question that were still absolutely no closer to answering even all these years later I’m afraid.”

You’ve heard the podcast and read the story – don’t miss the digital comic featuring the Paladin Brigade – Absolutely Free:


You have been reading and listening to “In the Shadow of the Gods” episode four, “The Corvus Syndrome.” Written by Caine Dorr and Paul Ellis. The audio was performed by Paul Ellis.

Theme music, “Into the Storm” provided by Brandon Liew (lee), and is available at free music archive dot org.

This episode was produced at Wireless Adventures; all the thrills, with no strings attached.

This article is copyright 2017 by the Adventure Frequency’s CityNewsNet, and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, 4.0 international license.


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