CityNewsNet Podcast | Expose: ITSOTG Ep 3

citynewsnet_expose_icon4lThirty years ago the Psion picture across North America was very clear.  A very small percentage of the population reportedly possessed psionic abilities.  Federal, state, and local authorities, in conjunction with organizations such as Knight Incorporated and The Paladin Brigade, possessed more than ample technology and numbers to deal with any potential threat to the safety of the citizens of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.~Jonah Fox, CityNewsNet

Five years later everything would change with the introduction of one Corivs Corax.

Corivs possessed such diverse and powerful psionic abilities he was able to recruit and inspire people to join his ranks by sending out tendrils of psionic energy that would be partially absorbed into the minds and bodies of everyday average citizens who just happened to be sensitive to psionic energy.

They became known as the Citizens of Corax, of which there are still quite a few still living today.  Some were unwilling participants who had no idea that Corivs had invaded their mind and was partially controlling them.  Some liked the calming and peaceful influence Corvis reportedly provided for them.  Others enjoyed Corvis’s influence so much they trekked across the continent to join Corvis at his compound on the Montana Saskatchewan border.

It was this migration that finally led to the world’s discovery of Corvis Corax, although it would be quite some time before that discovery would be fully realized.

After a very brief continental security summit at an undisclosed location the world leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States launched a joint operation under the auspicious leadership of the newly reformed international Paladin Brigade which was now five times as powerful with the data provided from the Meta Tracker 5 app.

Brigade commanders all over the continent simultaneously initiated a five stage manhunt for the isolation and capture of Corvis Corax.

Stage 1: Communication
What would later be come to known as the Corax Compound was isolated by the Brigade with the use of the Hale Protocol by the Brigade’s ‘Guardian’ division.  Every single byte of data received by the Corax Compound had been purified and filtered to ensure that the impending raid would be a complete secret.

In order to ensure Stage One’s success the Brigade, with the assistance of trusted agents within the federal governments of North America, outfitted over three hundred civilian vehicles that would not draw unwanted attention.  While Paladins secured and piloted these vehicles Guardians of the Brigade administered the Hale protocol from within.

On the street plain clothed operatives of Knight Incorporated were positioned in high civilian traffic areas to ensure the safety of the populace at all costs.

Stage 2: Transportation
Commander Geoffrey Knight’s now infamous quote “Damn this country’s infrastructure.” was overheard by; hundreds of his own civilian operatives; the entirety of the Paladin Brigade; agents of Interpol; and countless representatives of the federal governments of North America as he lead the team to tie up all roads in and out of the Corax Compound.

With the aid of the long rumored undercover federal agent known only as Iron Horse in the official reports of the incident Commander Knight and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police establish over a dozen small scale targeted traffic events that effectively cut off civilians looking to join Corivs at the Corax Compound as well as keep those already there from leaving.

Here too plain clothed operatives of Knight Incorporated were positioned in high civilian traffic areas to ensure the safety of the populace at all costs.

Stage 3: Emotion
Under the watchful eye of the Hutton A.I. several of the Brigade’s best Guardians along with their Pods designed to work with their specific genetic psionic energies were transferred to a highly secure location in Saskatchewan outfitted with the ability to produce psionic energy fields that all but neutralized all psionically sensitive humans in the area not wearing Paladin armor.
Even today the Brigade still feels the sting of the series of actions taken in Stage 3 as activists and protestors stand at the ready to remind the world how the Paladin Brigade and the Hutton A.I. manipulated several million human beings while capturing the reputed terrorist and murder Corvis Corax.

Never far from a disaster the plain clothed operatives of Knight Incorporated were positioned in high civilian traffic areas to ensure the safety of the populace at all costs.

Stage 4: Apprehension
With a single Guardian, Sloan Perez, on board to coordinate the Paladin’s descent to and invasion of the Corax Compound the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana provided air transportation authorized and outfitted by Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat specifically for the Paladin Brigade.

With the Hale protocol filtering data and the Guardian base filtering psionic emotions that Paladin’s arrival was completely unnoticed by anyone in the compound.  Years later even the most thorough investigation of public records have never turned up a single verifiable trace of the Paladin planes that flew heroically over the continent that day.

Four units of the most experienced Psions ever to wield Paladin armor were air dropped over the Corax Compound.  Each Paladin guided themselves to land expertly and silently only to rally with the other members of their units and being their simultaneous missions immediately.

Paladin Unit Alpha, each member’s armor equipped with cloaking devices, took control of the only known entrance and exit to the compound.  Paladin Unit Beta secured the helipad and the small landing strip as well as it’s hangers.  Paladin Unit Gamma dispersed throughout the compound creating diversions to draw the citizens and armed security personnel away from Corvis Corax.

Paladin Unit Delta, each member equipped with site to site transporters, quickly isolated and surrounded Corvis Corax.  With the Saskatchewan Guardian unit interfering with all non Paladin Psionics Corivs was nearly defenseless and surrendered quickly with little to know fight.

Stage 5: Extraction
Members of the Delta unit of Paladins would unfortunately never escape the lifelong after effects of extracting Corvis from his compound.  You see no one, not one single person from the most powerfully gifted natural psion to the most highly advanced being grown in an A.I. breeder vat could have been able to predict what would happen next.

The Paladin Delta unit captured and escorted the now docile and weak Corivs Corax directly to the Dingo River psionic security facility.  Corvis was incarcerated in a special cell with A.I. bred prison guards who were unaffected by Corvis’s psionics and an executive staff led by Dr. Abeling who immediately began the dual function of debriefing Corvis as well as reporting to the federal governments of North America that regardless of how effective Dingo River was the security measures would not be enough to contain Corivs for long.  Dr Abeling was correct and Corvis escaped Dingo River eighteen days later.

Next Episode: We catalogue the escape of convicted murder and reputed terrorist Corvis Corax.

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You have been reading and listening to “In the Shadow of the Gods” episode three, “The Paladin Brigade.” Written by Caine Dorr and Paul Ellis. The audio was performed by Paul Ellis.

Theme music, “Into the Storm” provided by Brandon Liew (lee), and is available at free music archive dot org.

This episode was produced at Wireless Adventures; all the thrills, with no strings attached.

This article is copyright 2017 by the Adventure Frequency’s CityNewsNet, and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, 4.0 international license.


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