CityNewsNet Podcast | Eighteen Hour Trash Fire

citynewsneticon4lAn eighteen hour trash fire in Tower Heights posed a danger for the entire city authorities stated early Tuesday morning. ~CityNewsNet: Austringer Desk

“The fire was very difficult to suppress because this mountain of debris was so massive Bureau of Sanitation staff from the city had to remove 10,000 tons of debris from the site in order to suppress it,” City Attorney Philip Bauer told CityNewsNet.

The Austringer City Attorney’s office contends the pile, which weighed 22 million pounds and was at least two stories high, posed a public threat, citing several fires there that burned for a total of six weeks.

Bureau of Sanitation contracted Gemini Rescue’s own COO Rion Guard to manage the cleanup effort.  While sanitation is not listed as a top level service that Gemini Rescue will perform that didn’t stop the illustrious COO from bringing over one hundred Gemini staffers and six specialists to the scene.

Along with Bureau of Sanitation employees, Austringer PD, and Austringer Fire and Rescue, Gemini Rescue made strong use of unnamed specialists to teleport the flaming debris to safe zones outside the city limits and in unpopulated areas.

“You’ll have to ask Gemini Rescue about that.  As for the men and women of Austringer fire and rescue I’d like to commend the entire department and in particular: company G; and company C; for maintaining the suppression perimeter around The Big Clean Inc.  Their efforts kept this city and it’s residents safe and helped prevent a natural disaster.” Division Chief Amanda Rooney stated from the scene.

Gemini Rescue released the following statement:

“As always, we will not answer any questions pertaining to the Gemini Specialists who we employ.  While it is clear they are Psions we’ve promised them anonymity and that is exactly what they will get.  Thank you.” Grant Masters, Gemini Rescue.

A civil complaint names The Big Clean Inc. as the operators. The company has not responded to multiple requests for comment.  Peter Pots, the facility’s owner, is charged with 50 counts involving code violations, according to the Associated Press.

The facility is permitted to store up to 2.8 million pounds of construction debris in piles no higher than 12 feet. If convicted, Pots could face up to 24 years in jail.


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This article is copyright 2017 by the Adventure Frequency’s CityNewsNet, and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, 4.0 international license.

Reporting for CityNewsNet: Chris Jarvis.


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