Free Preview: GEMINI RESCUE – a Superhero Action Adventure Tale

We have big plans for Rion Guard, COO of Gemini Rescue this season.  So big in fact, that he’s our featured character for season 3 of the Adventure Frequency’s audio and prose releases.

Watch for Rion to show up in at least one anthology of “side kick” superhero characters this year, and if all goes according to plan there will likely be a second anthology.

Additionally the Adventure Frequency plans on publishing two, count ’em two, Novellas featuring Rion Guard the professional hero and his company Gemini Rescue.  If that’s not enough Rion will also be prominently featured on both the Adventure Frequency Podcast as well as our CityNewsNet podcast for the entirety of Season 3 of both shows currently in production.

Here is a snippet of the first published work featuring Rion Guard and Gemini Rescue to be released a bit later in the year:

Pamela Madison’s eyes flew open to see Rion standing over her. Pelting rain drenched her hair and body and she lay awkwardly on the rooftop. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Rescuing you.” Rion lifted her in his arms and ran toward the jet’s loading ramp.

“Put me down! I won’t be carried like this. Where are my men?”

“Already aboard.” Rion obliged and set her down where she wobbled like a newborn foal. He offered her his hand. Pamela smacked his hand away and stood on her own power. She climbed the loading ramp on her own.

Rion adjusted his vision, focusing it through the thin energy shield that surrounded him. He could see the entire space as though he were wearing night vision goggles through his psi shield. Benches and jump seats lined the rear wall with cupboards below the seating and lockers above the seating. The two security guards were already strapped safely into seats. “Strap yourself in, Ms. Madison.”

Madison found a seat. Her chest heaved with ragged hitches as she tried to regain her breath.

“Kestrel, do you read me? I could use a little help here.” Rion fished for a first aid kit in one of the lockers above the seats.

“Copy that, Gemini. Looks like you’re finally back on line.” Kestrel commed in his ear from her location in Austringer city. “What is your status? You’ve been out of comms for seventy five minutes now.”

“Hey!” Madison shouted. “Hey, freak!”

“Wait,” said Rion, although he wasn’t sure if it was directed at Kestrel or at Madison. He located a first aid kit in one of the lockers and started treated the wounds each of the unconscious security guards had sustained.

“Are you going to answer me, goddamn it? God, I’m soaked. Don’t you look at me, you son of a bitch.” Madison unstrapped herself and started to remove her drenched outer layer of clothing. It piled up in a heap on the metal floor in front of her.

“Gemini are you receiving me? Over.” Kestrel commed, sounding a little perplexed this time.

“Both of you shut up.” Rion pulled a towel from the first aid locker and threw it at Madison. It smacked her in the face.

The world broke apart around Rion as he fell back into Jenna Strong’s psychic construct.


“No more games, Miss Strong. We’re out of time.” Rion felt her psionic maze was different this time. There was a crack he could exploit. Something had happened in the real world to affect her psionic self.

“Oh, you have all the time in the world, Mr. Guard. You’ll be joining my program here in the Psi Laboratory. After what you did, you’re lucky they didn’t throw you in—”

“Now.” Able to move freely for the first time in the construct without inhibitions, Rion knocked the data pad from Jenna’s hand and took both of her hands into his.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Jenna protested.

“You have one chance to leave here with me alive and that’s now.”

“You’re delusional!”

Rion stood and pulled Jenna up off of her seat. “The building is collapsing around you. If you want to live, you’ll come with me.”

“Security!” Jenna shouted.

* * *

“Wake up! Wake up or you’re fired!” Madison stood over one of her security officers and tried to shake him awake.

“They can’t hear you,” Rion said, knowing they’d received a stronger shot of his psionic attack than the executive had.

“Shut up, freak!” Pamela shouted back without even looking at Rion.

Rion’s comm chirped in his ear. He ignored it. Kestrel would need to wait a bit longer yet.

“Wake up!” Pamela shouted at the top of her lungs.

Rion touched Madison on the back of the head. His psi shield flared at the connection and she collapsed into his arms.

“Kestrel, you read me?” Rion carried Madison over to a cargo bench and laid her down.

“Affirmative, Gemini. What have you gotten yourself into?”

“You wouldn’t even believe me.” Rion smiled at the sound of a friendly voice.

“What do you need from me?”

“What’s this jet I’m on, Kestrel?”

“You’re aboard a modified Brigade Scimitar.”

Rion had thought the jet design looked familiar. He smiled, feeling he was due for some good luck. “Can you tap into the scimitars computer core?” Rion lifted Madison once more.

“Roger that. What do you need?”

Rion carried his burden to the cockpit. “Use the scanners to check for survivors. They should be approximately one hundred and seventy yards south west of this location.”

“Copy. I’m on it, Gemini.”

“Roger that.” Rion opened the cockpit door. The pilot, whose uniform was embroidered with the name Hughes, looked back at Rion and gave a nod. He was still fully under the control of Rion’s psibordinate.

“Were ready up here, sir.” Hughes’ voice was raspy, as if he smoked too much.

Rion set Madison down in one of the rear cockpit seats and strapped in her unconscious form.

“Gemini, come in. I’ve found your survivors,” Kestrel commed. “Can’t tell how many from here. Sending data to the jet’s computer.”

“Receiving coordinates now,” Hughes confirmed.

“How far out is the worst part of the Psi Storm, Kestrel?” Rion took the co-pilot seat and plotted a trajectory that would allow him to land the jet as close to her position as possible.

“I make it between ten and fifteen minutes, Gemini. Don’t stop for lunch.”

“I’m taking over the stick,” Rion said to Hughes.

“Roger that.” Hughes put up no resistance.

“I need you by the winch.”

“Copy that.” Hughes nodded and exited the cockpit.

“I hope you remember how to program the autopilot on those,” said Kestrel. “I’ll do what I can from here.”

“Copy, Kestrel.”

Rion located what he thought was the most secure entry point. The eastern compound was made up of three large structures with a triangular courtyard between them. The top of the easternmost tower had crumbled under the weight of all the rain and debris collected at its apex. This had sent the structure tumbling sideways to pierce the westernmost tower, which had fractured and fallen over to pierce the southern tower like giant dominoes. Rain collected at the breaking point of each tower and flowed into the center courtyard like a raging waterfall.

Rion set the autopilot to keep the jet stable and hovering as best as it could despite the howling winds, and ran to the cargo bay where Hughes had already opened the jump doors. Wind and rain blew inward, drenching Hughes as he coiled a long thick cable that snaked out of its box on the floor next to the jump doors.

“After I touch down, wind the line and secure it. After that, get this jet out of here,” Rion shouted close to the man’s ear. He released his psibordinate, leaving Hughes uncontrolled. The man wavered for a moment, then his jaw grew resolute as he understood Rion was not his enemy.

“There’s a garage down there,” Hughes shouted over the noise as he secured the line around Rion. “In the Eastern building. There are always a couple of cars and a utility jeep in there. You can use one of them to get to safety, sir.”

Rion leaped out of the jet and dove toward the surface….



Stay tuned for more details about when and where Rion will show up and we encourage you to subscribe to our free adventures in any (or all) of our delivery methods: audio adventure podcasts, rss feed, or email!

Look for this story, as well as others featuring Rion and Gemini Rescue to appear in our feeds very soon!


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